Helping your Buyers, Stakeholders and Staff get it

Planet Planit is a specialised business communications consultancy that works with businesses involved in the digital and hospitality sectors.

It is our mission to make your business or association stand out via compelling business communications.Together with our network of specialists, we excel in planning and creating magnetic content.

Business Communications Done Right

We are committed to maximising every case study, blog post and conference presentation. Years of working with event planners, speakers, trainers, technology providers and venues enables us to curate that knowledge and work with you to discover the best ways to create, produce and maximise your content.

Over the years we have seen too many organisations spend time, effort, and money only to find that their content failed to attract attention. Poor copy, ineffective marketing, and instantly-forgettable events all lead to upset executives and stakeholders.

It is a situation that no organisation wants to be faced with. Too often, it is the fault of weak or non-existent communications.

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Video Content

Written Content

Is your written content having the effect that you want? Is it easy to understand? Does it tell the story of why you should be chosen? How relevant and timely is it?

The power of words and their effect on business results should not be underestimated. Are you using the same words as your competitors? How are you standing out?

We love words and the influence they can have.

If you are looking for dynamic content with a strategy optimised for effect, you are in the right place.

Video Content

Conference Content

Content is critical at events. But often it is not given the loving care and attention that is needed to enable your event to have a better return on your investment and a longer lasting legacy impact.

We help you make the most of your content from scripting video interviews to developing an entire conference  programme.

We specialise in content for events that have delegates you can see and delegates that participate remotely.

Whatever you need, we can help you.

Data and Door Opening


Research (market intelligence) can often find itself at the bottom of the list of priorities. But in our experience, market intelligence is crucial.

Research enables stand out content to be developed and business strategies to be changed.

There would be little point in carrying out ‘event evaluation, engagement surveys or looking at future trends to help develop products and services if the results were not going to be used in your future strategy.

Let us help develop your organisation through our research services.