We Write Content that Adds Value to Your Business

Planet Planit is a specialised business content consultancy that works with businesses involved in the events and hospitality sectors.

Together with our network of specialists, we excel in planning and creating  content.

It is our mission to make your business or association stand out via compelling business communications.

Business Communications Done Right

We are committed to maximising the impact of every case study, blog post and conference presentation. Years of working with event planners, speakers, trainers, technology providers and venues enables us to curate that knowledge and work with you to discover the best ways to create, produce and maximise your written and conference content.

Over the years we have seen too many organisations spend time, effort, and money only to find that their content failed to attract attention. It is a situation that no organisation wants to be faced with.

That’s why we are dedicated to creating copy that makes you stand out, for all the right reasons.

Talk to Planet Planit today to find out how we can help you energise the words your business relies on.

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Ebooks and Blogs

Ebooks and Blogs

Is your written content having the effect that you want? Is it easy to understand? Does it tell the story of why you should be chosen? How relevant and timely is it?

The power of words and their effect on business results should not be underestimated. Are you using the same words as your competitors? How are you standing out?

We love words and the influence they can have.

If you are looking for dynamic content with a strategy optimised for effect, you are in the right place.

Video Content

Business Stories

Business stories are a great way of getting messages across to staff, stakeholders and buyers. Whilst they are creative the stories  enable lessons, tips and strategies to be shared.

Whether your challenge is to embed a new IT system, educate your staff with GDPR or launch a new product then a business story will help.

We specialise in creating characters for your business stories that relate directly to your target audience.

Want to stand out from your competitors then it’s time for a story.

Conference Content


Imagine getting a standing ovation at your next corporate presentation. 

Most corporate presentations are not inspiring. In fact, they are infamous for being dull. Often attended out of duty. But audiences are not won over by duty but by words. Words that inspire. Words that create action.

The speeches we write for our clients are tailor-made. Custom-written words that are designed to carry your messages in the most effective way possible.

We work directly with you or your marketing department.