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Unmissable Content for anyone planning an event

Event Marketing & Content Development

Meet Planet Planit

Planet Planit is a marketing and events consultancy that specialises in event marketing and content development.

The primary reason for this website is to share unmissable content for anyone planning an event through our Event IQ section. In addition, other web pages link you to our Services

We can help you increase your sales, extend the reach of your service/product and/or develop your influence with stakeholders, through content and event marketing initiatives.

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Event Marketing  

How are you going to market your event? What is your key message to attract people to come to your event or to experience your venue? How are you going to make your event stand out from all the competition around you? What is different about your event?

Often marketing/promotion fails to do more than describe what is already known which leads to wasting a valuable opportunity.  

Let's discover how we can ensure that your time, money and people insights are put to good use to drive sales and brand awareness.



Content Production

One of the key aspects of events that is often overlooked is the issue of content production. What a wasted opportunity that is when you consider how much knowledge and experience you have at your event. Have a look at your plan for producing content and how will it be captured?

Sometimes speakers will not be used in the right way to make the impact needed, other times, the event host may miss the meaning of the event or the messages do not tie in together. 

We can help you to ensure that your event content helps you achieve your goals.


Maximising Content  

How well do you use the event content that you have captured? Does it sit on a shelf somewhere collecting dust or are you re-using it time and again?

How much money did you spend on bringing speakers in? Was their expertise never to be seen again but only by those delegates that were in the room or do you have a plan for your content to maximize your content but just haven’t put it into place yet?

Let us help you with your content development to maximise your return on investment.