IMEX America 2015

A New Play Room

As past IMEX education has explored, the power of creativity and professional play can add new dimensions to business results.

To extend the theme this year, IMEX America 2015 will have a new feature ‘The Play Room’ – sponsored by Play with a Purpose – which will run throughout Smart Monday and offer short ‘quirkshops’. This upbeat, fun alternative to classroom learning lets attendees gain hands-on experience with a variety of tools, techniques and resources to create more engaging meetings in the areas of room design, tech, networking, teambuilding, F&B and more. The overall goal of the Play Room is to offer tangible, immediately applicable ideas that planners can build into their upcoming meetings.

Daily MPI keynotes will lend an intelligent and energizing note to each day of the show.

Smart Monday, powered by MPI, is headlined by wellness expert Lee Papa discussing “How to Live and Lead Mindfully,” followed on Tuesday by Tim David, author, speaker and former magician touching on “Human Connection: A Lost Art in a Noisy World.”

Wednesday’s program will begin with a keynote from film director Josh Tickell taking the audience through “Managing and Marketing to the Future Generation Y,” and on the final day of the show Patrick Henry, former songwriter and author of “The Pancake Principle: Seventeen Sticky Ways To Make Your Customers FLIP For You,” will teach skills around “Becoming Remember-able.”

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