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Welcome to this issue of the Oracle, the voice of In this edition:

1. An Inspiring Carol Service

2. Lessons from Sports Awards

3. Miguel Neves Serving MPI

This issue has a Celebration theme running through it and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas.

An Inspiring Carol Service

At the start of December I found myself at a Carol Service and was blown away by the event. It was just brilliant in so many ways.

For those of you who know me personally you will know that I cannot sing but I was at this Service in support of the School and joined in as best I could.

But beyond the singing I found myself looking at the execution of the Service.

The background being that this was the Carol Service of Abbot’s Hill School, Hertfordshire.

This Independent School has an age range of between 3-16 for girls and 3-5 for boys.

And in the service a lot of the children as you might expect were included. There were readings and singing across the age ranges.

What was exceptional in my opinion was that everyone knew exactly where they had to be and what they had to do. It was a precision event.

Looking at the Programme again I am impressed by the achievement of everyone as the School packed a lot in.

The Service took place at the Cathedral and Abbey Church of Saint Alban which is a fabulous building and this event looked right at home there.

Being part of this service made me think about all those events that are run with such precision. It made me consider what else I can do to improve in everything I do.

The detail is always crucial and attention to detail was shown in abundance.

I thank the School for inviting me to come along and I offer my congratulations on a well executed event that bought together audience engagement like no other and better still there was not a memory stick anywhere to be seen.

Lessons from Sports Awards

On Sunday evening I enjoyed the review of sporting triumphs of 2013 as it was the time for the Sporting Awards on the BBC, otherwise known as the Sports Personality of the Year.

It is the one event in the year when I am happy to catch up on all the great sporting achievements.

What I really enjoy is listening to the stories of the dedication that the sports world puts into achievement and battling adversity.

The Programme is a great mix of recognition as there are awards for a number of categories(not limited to the following); team, coach, unsung hero, overseas star and Sports Personality.

In the events industry we have similar stories of people who make a difference to our industry and I hope that their contributions are recognised.

I would encourage you to take a look around you at the people that make a difference to you/your business and celebrate their work.

Who are the people behind the scenes enabling your event to be executed flawlessly? Who is your coach? Who is the person/group that inspires you?

The key lesson I took away from the Sports Awards was that there is no standing still; you are only as good as your last sporting achievement.

The same can be applied in events.

The question is how can your event be even better in 2014?

Miguel Neves Serving MPI

My congratulations go to Miguel Neves who has recently risen to the role of becoming President of the MPI (Meeting Professionals International) UK & Ireland Chapter.

It seems only a short time ago that I first met Miguel when I was carrying out some guest lecturing at the University of Westminster.

Miguel had joined MPI and was starting to get involved and that has continued ever since (in 2013 he won one of the MPI RISE Awards).

I am sure that he will make a great President and wish him every success.

As Past President of the UK Chapter I am fortunate to understand the challenges and ambiguity that comes from leading a voluntary organisation.

It can be frustrating but amazingly brilliant and sometimes all at once.

My belief is that volunteer organizations everywhere have to be constantly reviewing what they are doing and asking the question of whether it serves the members.

In a period when geographical barriers can be overcome by technology I wonder how many organizations will embrace new methods of membership delivery to continue to serve their members.

Those that do will surely gain a growing membership.

Good luck and congratulations Miguel and I hope your members serve you well by letting you know how you can help them.

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