Event Bulletin - planetplanitInterview with Katie Devaney, Marketing Manager of EIBTM

Here Katie Devaney gives some great advice on how you can make the most of the App that EIBTM have produced for 2012.

1. Why Has the App Been Produced?

With more and more people using Smart phones and Apps we wanted to create a way that users could experience EIBTM though their smart phones and tablets, giving them access to information pre show on the go as well as whilst they are walking around the Exhibition itself.

In 2011 we developed and launched our first apps for our individual events and since then we have now developed one multi platform IBTM app which users can download to access all of the individuals shows.

The advantage of this is that it is with just one click all of the six shows including EIBTM can be accessed via your mobile handset and you will receive notifications to tell you when the next events are live on the app.

2. Who is the App Available To?

Everyone who will attend or is interested in EIBTM or in fact the IBTM portfolio.

If you’re at the show there are a variety of tools to help enhance your experience, navigating your way around the show, finding speakers, and exhibitors, keeping up to date with show information but also using the exhibitor directory as a guide to global suppliers from the meetings industry.

New this year both Exhibitors and Hosted Buyers at EIBTM will be given personal log-ins to access their personal diary of appointments for the show.

If you can not attend then you can use to app to keep updated with what’s happening through the social feeds and also find exhibitors you may wish to connect with.

3. What is the Purpose of the App?

To provide information, both pre show and Live during the exhibition:

Access to all of the 6 IBTM events
Register to attend EIBTM 2012
Remain up to date with Latest EIBTM news
Plan you trip to Barcelona, and free time whilst there
View What’s on and plan your EIBTM own personalised schedule
Find Exhibitors of interest to you
View EIBTM Speaker profile
Navigate the venue
Receive messages and alerts about the latest EIBTM news
You can also access IBTM research reports and the IBTM Diary magazine

4. How Will it Help People at EIBTM?

Users can use the APP to register for the show. There is useful information about the Venue, EIBTM and Barcelona itself meaning that users can plan their time at the show and in Barcelona effectively.

Pre show there is information about special rate travel, accommodation and flights including a special flight discount with the Lufthansa German Airlines.

Navigating around the exhibition, ‘Favorite Function’ to select Exhibitors you wish to see, and seminars you wish to attend.

The Floor plan and route planner will help users get from one stand to another. The social feeds will keep everyone up-to-date with LIVE news from the show.

5. Do I Need Sophisticated Software to Download the App?

It works like any other App users may have on their device, if you head to www.ibtmevents.com/app you can select the appropriate route to download that is suited to your mobile handset.

6. Are There Any Mobile Devices Which Will Not Be Able to Use the App?

Yes. The app will work on most internet enabled mobile phones, Iphone Blackberry android and low end Nokias and high end Windows Phone 7.

Browser limitations on some phones may affect the performance/functionality – but we adhere to industry standards to ensure maximum compatibility.

Web-app is available this will obviously incur data costs and isn’t installed on a users machine.

For EIBTM we link to web app as the SHOWOFF website has a Mobile CSS which means it delivers the entire website in mobile format within the app.

Full information on devices suitable for the IBTM app can be found at www.ibtm.com/app

7. Can I Download the App Ahead of the Show and Get Used to It?

Yes we would recommend you do and there are lots of features that you can start using now!

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