Here is a technique that especially impressed me in creating a satisfying closure at the end of the event.

It was as a result of attending the Applied Improvisation Network Conference in Baltimore, MD, USA. I experienced many sessions full of innovative techniques for engaging event attendees.

One technique that especially impressed me was how to bring a satisfying closure to an event.

The three day open-space conference ended with a general session that included several activities designed to help us synthesize what we had learned, express what impact the conference had on us as individuals and enabled us to experience a sense of closure.

Some closing Activities

These closing activities included:

Sitting in a circle and taking some quiet time to consider what we would be taking away from our experience.

Forming groups of 6 or 7 and taking turns sharing our takeaways.

Sharing an “I heard you say…” to emphasize what stuck out to each of us from the takeaways shared. (I loved this one.)


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