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Content is crucial at events. But often it is not given the loving care and attention that is needed to enable your event to maximise the return on investment. We help you make the most of your content from scripting video interviews to developing an entire conference or special events programme. Once the event is ended it would be a waste not to find a way of using the content again. For this reason we help your legacy content work for you. Whatever you need when it comes to event content we can help you.


As a simple taster here is some very brief information on some of our services:

Education or Knowledge Content Production

What are your delegates expecting from your education programme? Do you know how you can make your education programme stand out from your competitors? What content will enable your delegates to add to their expertise/knowledge?

Will your delegates leave your event stacked with ideas and insights or will they suffer from information overload? How will you capture your content and how will you use it long after the event has ended?

These are basic questions that we can help you address to make sure that your educational programme is well received and lives on long after your event has ended.

Speaker Sourcing, Briefings & Directing

Speakers can make or break your event. They are crucial to its success but they also have to deliver to your requirements. Sometimes the relationship between speakers and event planners can be difficult. But we understand (through our work with professional speakers ) how to make the experience the best it can be for everyone involved.

From facilitating speaker auditions, briefings and rehearsals we will ensure that everything works out just as you want it.

Content for Remotely Engaging Events

Remotely Engaging events are those that have delegates that participate at the venue location and delegates that participate remotely. Making sure that the content works across both sets of delegates is a challenge. It is one that we thrive on. When everyone participates fully it is really pleasing. In previous years, remote delegates may have been treated as second class to the other ‘in room’ delegates, but with our content design that never happens.

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For us, no event content creation piece of work is too big or too small. Let’s have a chat and explore some initial thoughts.
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