Developing Conference Content to Increase Engagement

Conferences take a lot of time and money to put together. Unfortunately all too often conference content for any number of reasons can let the overall event down.

No one intends for the content not to work but sometimes it happens. For example, speakers arrive for their live performance without having undertaken  sound checks, or a sponsor decides to take more time on their speaking slot than was allocated or the closing session is just dull. To overcome these challenges and more besides it is important to place a priority on the content of the conference to enable your event to maximise the return on your investment. After all your brand is on show throughout the period of the conference.

Delegate Expectations 

What are your delegates expecting from your conference programme? Do you know how you can make your education programme stand out from your competitors? What content will enable your delegates to add to their expertise?

Will your delegates leave your event stacked with ideas and insights or will they suffer from information overload? How will you capture invaluble content live at the conference and how will you use it long after everyone has gone home?


Help is at Hand

We help you make the most of your content from scripting video interviews to developing an entire conference programme. Once the event is ended it would be a waste not to find a way of using the content again. For this reason we help your legacy content work for you. Whatever you need when it comes to conference  content we can help you.


As a simple taster here is some very brief information on our services. Everything we do is to suit your requirements and we are completely flexible when it comes to creating what will be absolutely right for you.

For ease below we have divided a conference into the typical stages of; before, during and after. Alongside these sections you will find we have included services that work well in conjunction with that section of the conference. But as mentioned earlier everything will be created for you in the way that you would like.


Pre – Conference

Creation of lead magnets to generate interest

Creation of preview blog posts and articles

Conference Programme Design

Speaker scripts and briefings

Survey design using our Applause on Investment (AOI) methodology


During the Conference


Video capture and Vox pops (short interviews)


Session write ups

Survey delivery (for real time responses) – Using the Applause on Investment (AOI) methodology


Post Conference – Legacy Content

Blog posts

White papers

Case studies

Reports including survey results


Contact Us

If you want to talk to us about your conference content, you can contact us by phoning 074 944 55 933 or you e mail

If you are an event organiser, PR company or agency that needs a hand with conference content then do contact us.


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