A quick snap shot of Planet Planit’s Founder – Paul Cook

Paul Cook

Paul Cook

Paul Cook is a Content Creator, Author and Strategist. Essentially he is all about event content and strategy.

He has worked for and with businesses big and small, local and global. This enabled him to gain valuable experience and insights into the way organisations use events as part of their growth.

Paul has also held a number of leadership positions within voluntary organisations at a regional, national and international level. These roles  provided him with insights into the way in which membership bodies engaged with their members.

It was inevitable that one day he would put all of his business experience and love of writing together and he did that in 2008 when he created Planet Planit Ltd, his specialist business consultancy, which has a primary focus on events.

Paul kicked it off by producing and curating event content that he shared with event professionals around the globe. Sharing content still plays a part in his work. In fact, there are 3 blogs that he has created for the events sector:

The Choreographed Communications blog provides a number of posts on written content.

Then he has a resource blog, which is aimed at new entrants,called Lessons.

However, it is not just event writing that Paul does. He has produced a number of events in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. In addition he is invited to consult and work on events, especially by companies that want to develop ‘hybrid and virtual events’ as he has been pioneering new event formats to enhance the inclusivity of all delegates for more than a decade.

Paul has spoken at numerous conferences, exhibitions and universities on a variety of event subjects. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience. When he is not writing about events, or speaking at them, he will be researching how they can be better produced. Ultimately, he wants his work to make a difference in the way events are used to grow and transform organisations.

Paul is the author of two books; Risk It – How to run great events and live with the risk and Remotely Engaging – How to reach new audiences by breaking out of the conference centre. 

He also writes as a ‘ghost writer’ for a number of businesses.

Take a look at a random selection of his work by visiting Paul’s Testimonials if you want to see what clients think of his work. If you want help with your event strategy and content then just send an enquiry using the contact form.


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