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Paul Cook

Paul Cook

Paul Cook has been immersed in events, travel and hospitality for over 20 years as a writer, researcher, educator, advisor and producer.

Originally Paul discovered events and his love of writing when he joined Junior Chamber International (JCI). He was asked to write an article about one of his overseas trips for the National magazine and that became the catalyst for him to become a regular contributor and it was a short step to Paul developing a regular newsletter for the Manchester Chapter. He was so proud and confident of the newsletter that he secured sponsorship for the newsletter. No longer would it need to be in black and white but it could be upgraded to colour.

From that point forward Paul found new opportunities for his writing and has been a regular producer for a number of publications.

In 2008 he created Planet Planit Ltd which has been developed into a specialised content consultancy working in the events space. It started with a content sharing philosophy and that continues today. The Event IQ Blog helps  share content for communities and learning groups to enable them to produce excellent events.


Back then to his early years and it was whilst as a member of JCI that Paul started to experiment with new event formats. He took a tired event format and re-ignited it and that was the trigger for his creative work on event content. When he worked at Pinewood Film Studios Paul discovered techniques that could be adapted and used with events. He has been and is instrumental in creating and co-producing new initiatives. A couple of examples that spring to mind include the MPI (UK/Ireland) Young Achievers Award and Event Camps (Remotely Engaging Events) worldwide.

His Content Philosophy

Paul’s belief is that content plays a major part in the success of organisations of all shapes and sizes. But frequently, content is discarded, under-valued or seen to be too much effort.

For that reason, Paul has focused his work to specialise in content. It is, after all, the work that he loves.

Association Leadership

As a volunteer leader (over 20 years) Paul has held key roles in various associations including Junior Chamber International, Meeting Professionals International and the Professional Speaking Association.

His time at Meeting Professionals International (MPI) as President for the UK Chapter and then working on the International Advisory Councils and as a Contributor to the Convention Industry Council Manual (9th edition) has contributed to his understanding of the challenges, trends and opportunities for events.

Paul can be a ‘sounding board’ or strategic advisor for your association if you would like an independent viewpoint.


You can contact Paul by phoning 01883 734 999 or by sending an email to info@planetplanit.biz or visit his umbrella website PaulCook.co.uk.

Have a look at Paul’s Testimonials if you want to see what clients think of his work.


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Hire Paul Cook

Paul Cook is frequently asked to act as host/MC/facilitator at conferences, exhibitions, panels and meetings of all types, whether in the UK or overseas.

He particularly enjoys the challenges of being a host at events where he has two sets of delegates to look after, those that he can physically see in the room and those delegates that are joining via their smartphones and laptops.