A quick snap shot of Planet Planit’s Founder – Paul Cook

Paul Cook

Paul Cook

Paul Cook is an Author, Speechwriter and Business Communications specialist.

Paul Cook is the founder of Planet Planit. He discovered his love of writing from an early age, in fact it originated in his school days. Since that time he has worked for businesses big and small, local and global. This enabled him to gain much experience and insights into the way organisations work and as  importantly how they communicate.

Paul has also held a number of leadership positions within voluntary organisations at a regional, national and international level. These roles  provided him with insights into the way in which membership bodies engaged with their members.

It was inevitable that one day he would put all of his business experience and love of writing together and he did that in 2008 when he created Planet Planit Ltd, his specialised business communications consultancy.

Paul kicked it off with his content sharing philosophy that continues today. The Choreographed Communications blog provides a number of posts that have conferences, exhibitions, and other events at their core. He enjoys writing about such a creative area which impacts greatly on how organisations can communicate to their buyers, staff and stakeholders.



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