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1. Google Glass Talks at Twickenham

2. IMEX Live

3. Pecha Kucha Playing in Cardiff

Last week I was delighted to be one of the facilitators at Twickenham for their session on Google Glass and wearable tech and next week I head to Cardiff to speak about ‘speaking virtually’ and watching some Pecha Kucha sessions.

All of which just goes to show that the meetings industry is always looking at new experiences for delegates and finding new ways of providing business value.

What new experiences will you try this week and what extra value will you provide to your clients?

Have a great week and see you next time.

Google Glass Talks at Twickenham

It was my pleasure to be one of the moderators for the first Twickenham Talks that took place on Friday 09 May.

Samme Allen and Matthew Blood from Twickenham provided a great conference venue for the ‘Talks’ and just as important was the sought after product of the day which was the Google Glass.

Added to the mix was an app to encourage audience interaction from which meant that all in all it was a memorable breakfast meeting.

Let’s not forget the agency and corporate planners who came along to provide their opinion on the new technologies.

The outcome was a lot for everyone to think about and some key questions that came from the planners revolved around privacy, security and adoption by delegates.

After all it’s one thing to encourage delegates to take on board new technologies but it is quite another to make them feel happy, secure and confident especially with technology.

One of the key issues that the planners had was that of adoption of technology for their delegates. Is Google Glass something that is easy for delegates to become familiar with? Yes easy enough to wear but would delegates be comfortable with speaking to ‘glass’ and what about taking photos or video with the glass?

Some of the planners felt that the ‘glass’ would be great for moderators or speakers but not for a whole set of delegates. Just some of the feedback that came from a well designed session in which Twickenham Talks began to make its voice heard not unlike that of the England Rugby crowd when in full flow.

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IMEX Live 2014

IMEXlive, the 24 hour virtual ‘window onto the show’ devised by IMEX in Frankfurt and launched at the trade show last year, returns once again for IMEX 2014, thanks to a new sponsorship agreement with Hilton Worldwide and the Event Network on

The pop-up platform is designed to tell the story of the show as it happens, through words, pictures and videos.

The IMEXlive portal will be the first screen that visitors to the IMEX website see during the show, which opens next week on 20 May.

Although intended for those that cannot be at the show, industry reaction to the portal was very positive last year.

IMEX noted that exhibitors appreciated the added marketing reach and visibility it provided whilst buyers used it to track key events, show information and news feeds.

IMEXlive 2014 will be sited on a single platform powered by Postano. It will include live blogging mixed with a ‘social media mash-up’ which will combine all #IMEX14 hashtag mentions into an interactive website.

The portal at goes live at the show and will be available one week after the close of doors of the 2014 edition.

Pecha Kucha Playing in Cardiff

There is something about the style of Pecha Kucha presenting that I really like.

It could be that I enjoy the challenge of taking a subject/hobby/idea and creating a great presentation that fits into the Pecha Kucha format which is 20 seconds per slide with 20 slides being used.

Or it could be that I love seeing the creativity that people come up with when faced with a limited amount of time for a presentation.

But whatever it is I really like it.

The last time I came across Pecha Kucha was at GIBTM in Abu Dhabi earlier this year when they held their 20 by 20 Challenge.

The next time I will see it will be in Cardiff at the Professional Speaking Association meeting. I understand that there will be 7 eager presenters all seeking to win the title of best presentation of the day. Good luck to them all.

My advice to them would be to practice, practice and practice again. This is one style of presenting that needs preparation.

It is amazing how quickly 20 seconds goes and then the next slide comes up.

There is no dawdling or fast forwarding that can be done.

The beauty of this style of presenting is that it levels the playing field for everyone that speaks.

Maybe it is something that could be used in your event planning especially if you need to showcase sponsors but want them all to have the same time allowance.

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