Guest post from Dawn French when she worked at Speakers with Content

Dawn French argues that people organising events need to answer one very important question when choosing a speaker.

The question that needs to be answered is; what do we want delegates/attendees to be able to do as a result of the presentation?

There is no point in choosing a speaker based on a title. You need to choose your speaker based on what needs to be delivered. This mans knowing what delegates want to learn, what delegates want to understand and what delegates want to be able to do.

Too many event organisers focus on the wrong things when making their choice. Some organisers (ego driven) want the speaker to make them look good .

Choosing a speaker has to be based on

Their knowledge, the value of the material they deliver

Their willingness to understand the needs of the organisation

Their willingness to work with the client to ensure an outcome that meets their needs

Their ability to present it in a meaningful way.
The order of these is important. Notice that style of delivery is fourth on the list. This does not minimise the importance, simply prioritises it. A good speaker is seeking to add value and if that is not evident, then they should not be on your short list for consideration.

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