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What is a Webcast Event?

A webcast event (also known as a streamed or a hybrid event) enables organisations to reach more people than a traditional meeting format.

Essentially the event enables two types of delegates to attend. Delegates can go to the physical event or they can attend by connecting online. If they attend online they will connect via a web-link and use either their PC or lap top or smart phone or tablet or any other device.

The range of  webcast events is vast and can include any style you want to think of. For example, short meetings, product announcements, campaign launches and conferences are some of the more obvious examples that come to mind. It is important is to understand your reasons to produce an event that has both physical and remote delegates. Getting your strategy right is a key consideration.

Key Benefits for Producing a Webcast Event

When it comes to the benefits for organisations (of all shapes and sizes) for producing a webcast (livestreamed/hybrid) event, the following spring to mind. There will be other reasons that will help develop the growth of an organisation, but here we go:

People cannot travel 

People that wouldn’t otherwise have been able to join because of travel issues can join in remotely. If they like what they see they will no doubt come to your next event or at the least attend it again remotely.

Increase Income (Sales)

Webcasting or livestreaming your event enables you to go beyond the conference walls and open dialogue with remote delegates. This has to be a good way to start develop future income.

Extend Engagement

Now you can invite many more people to become involved in your event and not just the people that make it to the physical location of the event.

Raise CSR (Sustainability) Credentials

If sustainability is important to your organisation then webcast (streamed/hybrid) events need be included within your event strategy.

Our Belief

We believe that webcast events make a real difference to the way that organisations can develop and enhance their competitive edge.

In fact we are so serious about this and how conference content’ needs to be harnessed, we have developed a specialism in this area. Of course we take care of the written content (write ups, programme content and interview scripts), whilst our partners deal with the event delivery. Here are just a few comments from some of our clients.

Client Comments

Paul helped us to produce our first hybrid event, which was a great success!
Paul supported and mentored the speakers to prepare them for presenting to both a live and online audience and was full of ideas to ensure that activities were inclusive for both audiences. We had great feedback from real life and virtual attendees at the event. Paul went above and beyond the call of duty and was a pleasure to work with at all times. We are looking forward to running many more hybrid events in the future!

Becki Cross – Events Northern

You managed that event really professionally. Always good to know that someone is triple checking everything so you know it’s going to work. I was impressed that you even had a backstop for if all the tech failed and you couldn’t bring us in live. All this and we haven’t met yet.

Ian Brodie – Remote Speaker  

Paul Cook’s involvement in the organisation and structure of Event Camp Downunder  was invaluable. Paul’s guidance and suggestions were on point and it was a great experience to be working with an industry leader like Paul. He also presented on hybrid events and his content was top-notch; in depth and thought provoking. I look forward to working with Paul again on other successful events.

Joshua Dry – ShowGizmo

Looking for Help in producing your webcast event?

Just take a look at some of our services on offer. We specialise in helping you produce events that immerse all your delegates, including those attending remotely.

Get in touch and let’s start a conversation.


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