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Learn from the World of Sports and Cue Rehearsal Time

If I look at the world of sports there is no doubt in my mind that the successful athletes are practicing as much as they can and perfecting their techniques long before they make the level that they aspire to.

I cannot imagine that the Wimbledon Tennis Champions have said to themselves ‘ I will not practice as I will just hope I am ok on the day’ – but in many conferences/events I come across people who take just that approach it and they have a view that it will all be ok when the event is live.

In my opinion, testing/rehearsal times should be absolutely non-negotiable for any event. Having worked in events for a number of years I am still surprised that people do not test properly. In fact some people don’t even test/rehearse at all.

Maybe testing/rehearsal is viewed as a waste of time, maybe it’s too much effort, maybe it’s another reason but I believe that if you want to produce your best possible event then it’s essential that the testing is carried out properly.

I have found that testing/rehearsing is simply essential to give you the best opportunity for the smooth running of an event. It enables for the sound and lighting to be checked, for the speakers/entertainers to become familiar with the environment and for any issues to be dealt with before the main ‘live’ production.

The good news is that the sound and lighting technicians want to show your event off to be as good as it possibly can and they are our ‘unsung heroes’, make sure they understand what you want to do and they will help you get there. And remember that they don’t care about your content so take the time to test and rehearse in front of them. After all if you speakers cannot speak in front of a few technicians it is highly unlikely that they will suddenly become better in front of a larger set of delegates.

Let’s follow the lead of the sports world and practice to ensure that your event is a winner every time.



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