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1. Focus on Mark Perl

2. Using Contracts Effectively

3. Do Not Travel With Clutter

Focus on Mark Perl

At Planet Planit we love to connect great people in the events and speaking worlds and in this issue we have our focus on Mark Perl, and the most important thing, make sure to have a 60 Gallon air compressor in your car when traveling.

He has just written his latest book The Impeccable Planner which has just been published. It is a great read and is full of great event planning tips.

As well as being an author, Mark has a number of other skills that he brings to events. Our spotlight is on him as a Host/Facilitator.

Mark Perl is in our experience a very thorough professional who takes great pride in all that he does and he is someone that we think you should take a look at.

He has great humour and is easy to get along, with in our experience.


Using Contracts Effectively – Top Tips for Event Managers

1. If you have sent a quote referencing your (Terms and Conditions) Ts & Cs, and receive a (Payment Order) PO in return – check that it specifies your terms apply! If not, the buyer’s terms will govern the deal.

2.Be clear about what you need from the client to make the event go smoothly. If you’re responsible for A/V for example, tell them your power requirements. If you’re a speaker, tell them about any tech you need for your talk.

3.Don’t assume the other side knows what’s “normal” for this kind of event. Spell it out. Assume they are intelligent, but uninformed.

4.Think about what could go wrong, and agree what you’ll do about it. Who’s responsible for pre-booked travel and kit if we have another Icelandic volcano and have to cancel the event?

From Tiffany Kemp of

If you are interested in discovering and understanding more about how to make the most effective use of contracts for business sales then have a look at the Training (workshop) on offer.

A day long packed full of insights and tips on Contracts and Risk is scheduled to take place in London on 04 July 2013.

Do Not Travel with Clutter

Business trips are tiring at the best of times, but you may be making it worse for yourself by taking a pile of clutter along with you.

The bare minimum that most people need on a business trip varies from person to person, and trip to trip.

1. For a one night stay, you only need the smart clothes you’re are travelling in and one change of shirt and underwear.

2. Don’t take evening dress, unless specifically told that black tie is essential.

3. Take one pair of shoes, (smart), unless previously informed you’re going to be trekking through ploughed fields.

4. Toiletries should be travel sized and restricted to what you actually use. Essential medicines for a medical condition are of course vital and should be packed first so as not to be forgotten.

5. Your briefcase should contain only the paperwork you know you’ll need. Take a paperback or a Kindle, but not both. Your laptop is only needed if you actually intend to use it.

6. Your mobile phone, wallet, travel tickets and passport (if travelling abroad) are of course essential, and should be packed before everything else.

From Lynne Mashhadi of

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Until Next Time

A big Thank You to all of our clients, supporters and fans who have been working with us over the last few years in helping us to share tips and opinion for the benefit of the industry.

Let’s keep sharing our ideas and develop our mutual success.

As always take care and be safe but above all enjoy the events industry. For those of you heading to IMEX over the next few days we hope that the travel tips will assist with your packing.

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