Planning an event that involves online delegates as well as those that attend in person on site, means creating programmes for both sets of participants.

Here are three quick tips to help get you started on your online delegate programme.

Understand Your Audience
When will your online audience be able to devote the biggest part of their time to your event?

For example is it early morning, late afternoon or some other time? Which country or countries will the majority of your online delegates be joining from?

The more you understand your online audience the better you will be able to create your programme for them.

Build in Spare Time
Are you giving your online delegates enough time for eating, drinking, comfort breaks and time to reflect on sessions?

Some online programmes can become even busier than the face to face programme as there can be a desire by some event planners to add in studio interviews following presentations from speakers.

There is nothing wrong with this of course but you will benefit by allowing your online delegates to have enough time for them to be comfortable throughout the programme.

Encourage Interaction
How does the online delegate interact with the programme?

How do they send in their comments or questions? Have you ‘walked them through’ all the things they need to know to be able to make the most of the event?

The easier you make it for your online delegates to become involved the better results you will have.

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