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Our good friends at Mexia Communications are sponsoring the ‘Tech Tables’ which kick off at 3.00pm on Wednesday 18th February at International Confex. In a 2 hour slot you have the opportunity of hearing from specisliats and asking your own questions and providing your ideas/experiences on a wide variety of event technologies now available. The basic idea follows a ‘speed networking’ style as all participants will be able to move from table to table when the buzzer rings for the next table move.

The Tech Tables will include: smart walls, wearable tech, Radio-frequency identification (RFID)  & Near-field communication (NFC) technologies, registration Systems, Wifi, gamification, holographic tech, recharging stations as well as hybrid & virtual events.


3.00 – 3.10pm    Welcome by Kursha Woodgate, Managing Director, Mexia Communications

Event Apps
with Luke Glen, Business Development, EMEA, DoubleDutch; Michael Douglas, Business Development Director, Genie-Connect; & Wayne Morris, General Manager EMEA, Guidebook Inc

3.10pm    How much does it cost to create an app for my event?
3.30pm    How long does it take to build an app?
3.50pm    How customisable can an app be for my event?
4.10pm    Open Discussion

With Banks Holcombe, General Manager, EMEA, Quick Mobile & Will Stuart Jones, Marketing Solutions, 3 Radical?

3.10pm    What do you need to be aware of if you gamify your events?
3.30pm    What are the key elements or parameters in building a game that must be considered?3.50pm    How do you encourage attendees to participate in the game?
4.10pm    Open Discussion

With Solomon Rogers, CEO, RewindFX; Ian O’Connell, Director, Musion Events

3.10pm    Is holographic technology stable enough for my conference?
3.30pm    What kind of ‘kit’ do I need to consider introducing holographic tech at my conference?3.50pm
4.10pm    Open Discussion

Smart Walls
With James Rowe, Chief Sales Officer, Tweetwall Pro & Iain Wallace, Head of Innovation, Lumi Catch

Wearable Tech
With Jay Cormier, Vice President, Lintelus

3.10pm    How can we make money from this technology?
3.30pm    How can I use this technology to reach a larger audience?
3.50pm    What will people be using this technology for in the future?
4.10pm    Open Discussion

Radio-frequency identification (RFID)
With Clemi Hardie, Founder & Managing Director, Noodle Live &  Joe Buckhurst, General Manager, Group Dynamics

Near-field communication (NFC)
With Matthew Harris, Co-founder and President of Konduko & Stephane Doutriaux, Founder & CEO, Poken

3.10pm    Does everyone need to have a phone with NFC to use this technology in our events?
3.30pm    Can we track sessions attendance using NFC?
3.50pm    What is the difference between NFC, RFID, QR codes, iBeacon?  Which is better?
4.10pm    Open Discussion

Registration & Event Management Systems

With Justin Craig, Director LiveBuzz; Richard Lewis, Business Development Manager, Eventsforce; David Chalmers, Marketing Director, cvent

3.10pm    What value does event registration technology provide and how will it benefit my organisation?
3.30pm    We want to bring in more technology but the team is quite set in its ways, how can you help us replace our current processes ?
3.50pm    We use numerous business systems, can the event registration technology integrate with these?
4.10pm    Open Discussion

Recharging Stations
With Annu Chukwu, Phonergizer UK

3.10pm    How long will it take to charge phones in the lockers
3.30pm    Are devices secure in the lockers?
3.50pm    What is the basic function of the machines? How do they work?
4.10pm    Open Discussion

With Toby Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, Live Group & Jamie Vaughan, Managing Director, Event Base

3.10pm    What is an iBeacon?
3.30pm    What are the main benefits to using iBeacons at my event?
4.10pm    Open Discussion

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