Knowing how best to get the best sound out of a lavalier mic whether for you or any presenter can come in very handy. Here are some tips on making the mic work for you. Generally any small microphone worn on the body is known as a lavalier, lav or lapel microphone. The majority of them are omnidirectional, meaning they pick up sound coming from all directions.

1 – Experiment with Mic Placement

You’ll get different results depending on the person and the type of clothing they are wearing.

2 – Wear a shirt that Buttons Up

If you can, ask the person to be miked to wear a shirt that buttons up. It will give you more options when it comes to mic placement.

3 – Attach to the Appropriate Side

If attaching the mic to a lapel, make sure that you attach it to the side the person will be facing.

4 -Try the bra

A good place to attach a woman’s lavalier mic is the center point of the bra.

5 – No Synthetics

Whenever possible request that people to be miked avoid wearing shirts, blouses or dresses made of synthetic fabric. Synthetic fabrics create much more noise than cottons or wools.

6 – Try Static Guard

When acoustic clothing noise remains a problem, an anti-static spray such as Static Guard can reduce, static electricity, clinging and friction.

7 – Go Underneath Clothing

To avoid wind noise, a common problem with lavaliers, secure the mic underneath clothing, if possible.

8 – Tape Clothing Together

If hiding the mic underneath clothing, you may need to tape layers of clothing together to cut down noise.

9 – Stick to First Aid Tape

Only use First Aid tape on a lavalier microphone. (It can be found at grocery stores or pharmacies.)

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