This post is a simple review of the key components involved in the making of Event Camp Europe which was an experimental blended webcast (hybrid) event produced in September 2011.

The Making of Event Camp Europe

The aim of Event Camp Europe was to bring together event professionals who wanted to push the boundaries of events. At this event we wanted to look at different event formats and test how the technology can really take events outside of the room/main location.


We wanted everyone to get involved and that is why in our call for Lab Rats we asked for people who had the following qualities:

1. Want to get fully involved in an event
2. Are willing to experiment
3. Are willing to be honest about their experiences & learning
4. Want to understand more about webcast (hybrid) and innovative event formats
5. Like drinking a glass of wine
6. Want to be part of a ground breaking event
7. Will be excited to be coming to Event Camp Europe
8. Have energy
9. Understand that they are critical to the success of the event (no passengers on this journey)
10. Want to join us on our journey of learning


We had:

Face 2 Face participants at Down Hall, Hertfordshire (main venue)

PODs (Clusters of people together in the same location) in Belgium, Croydon, Poland, Stockholm and the ‘in house’ simulated POD at Down Hall

Online attendees from across the globe


The speakers/presenters not only had to work with the participants in the main venue, they also needed to include the PODs and the online delegates in their sessions.

Then there were the additional challenges; that not everyone spoke English as their first language and that Event Camp Europe cut across the different time zones of Europe, UK and the USA/Canada.

Programme Highlights

  • Unconference Techniques
  • Engagement Techniques
  • Social Media Integration
  • Hybrid Audience Engagement
  • Hybrid Production
  • Hands on Tech Lab (bring your white coat)
  • Hybrid Crisis Management
  • Hybrid Event ROI
  • Gamification
  • Hybrid Wine Tasting

Introducing our Virtual Emcee – Emilie Barta

It was very important that we engaged the services of a true professional that has major experience in the hybrid event world and so there was only one choice and that was Emilie Barta.

Known for her audience engagement expertise, Emilie Barta is forging new territory in the blended conference world and in creating the role of virtual emcee to ensure that the online delegates felt  like they were in the conference/event even though the were not physically present in Down Hall.


Huge thanks have to go as they rightly should to our sponsors who have been brave enough to join us on our pioneering journey. Again these are not faint hearted folks but companies that want to be at the cutting edge of events.

Thanks to :

Metro Broadcast

Saville AV

Sonic Foundry


Active Network


Volunteer Help

Keen to engage the new emerging professionals into the events industry we sought a couple of volunteers to help with moving people to the simulated POD, to the lawn for British Tea and to help us in general. Our volunteers were:

Sandra Poertner

Nikla Torma

Additional Thanks

Elling Hamso and Rosa Garriga of the ROI Institute

Media in Europe

Event professionals sharing the word and blogging

Event Originators & Producers

Paul Cook

Jenise Fryatt

Ruud Janssen

Lindsey Rosenthal

Lessons Learned

Keep reading the blog posts in Choreographed Communications.  Some of those posts are inspired by the work in producing Event Camp Europe.


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