It recently occurred to me that the great Santa Claus must be the ultimate event professional.

There are of course other great event planners but do they have the star qualities that our Mr. Claus has?

Let’s examine him a little more closely.

Annually he holds a major global event on December 25th which shows no sign of slowing up despite difficult economic conditions. This event is one that is in demand year on year due to its overwhelming popularity and support.

If we review some of the characteristics of what is involved we can conclude some key points as below:

Use of Media

Santa completely connects his audience through traditional marketing (huge TV build up from October, sometimes earlier – or at least that is how it seems year on year).

Radio exposure is very broad as well. If you couple this traditional marketing with viral methods, then he really is gaining significant branding through many people becoming involved.

Giving Attendees What They Want

Feedback is one thing he knows all about. The pre-event questionnaires have been issued and these come back as Christmas lists.

This is such a simple idea; just ask people what they want and then deliver it at the event.

The feedback also provides invaluable research on what is important to his audience. It really is the same thinking as Trending Topics on Twitter.

Additionally Santa is able to ensure that by knowing what the key issues are then he can adjust his goodie bag as needed.

Supreme Logistics

Delivery is never an issue which means that the logistics are second to none.

Regardless of the weather conditions, labour disputes (elves do strike you know) or transportation (reindeers can be affected by leaves on the ground) issues he has never missed his deadline yet.

You can be sure he has a Plan B in his back pocket to overcome any difficulties.

Focus on the Detail

His attention to detail is amazing.

With so many Christmas lists and so many people to keep happy it is amazing how it is all delivered and what joy when it all comes together.

The participants are delighted which is shown in their happy smiling faces and the infectious enthusiasm which is in evidence.


Santa is an enthusiastic event organiser. He has long ago learnt that confidence breeds confidence and a smile has a huge impact on breaking down barriers.

His Ho Ho Ho personality and warmth means that he is an attractive personality and is excellent at hosting.

Business Minded

Business savvy does come into this event as he has his elves to pay, his workshop to maintain and his reindeer to feed and let’s not forget the marketing expenditure.

The only conclusion is that this event produces income year on year.

Constant Innovation

This event is a classic which is updated each year to keep it fresh and again this fact adds to the great Santa Claus understanding that you always need to keep moving forward no matter how good you event may be.


Yes in my opinion Santa is the ultimate event professional and I look forward to being involved in this great event next year.

I have already posted my Christmas wish list on facebook, linked in and Twitter as I know he looks at all these communication channels.


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