Event IQ provides tips, tactics, techniques and advice to help your event go as smoothly as possible and that your objectives are exceeded.

Events are complex with many moving parts and different stakeholders to satisfy. Events can be stressful especially if you are new to putting events on or if the task has just been delegated to you via your in-box.

Event IQ is your free source of articles for the events industry.

The amount of content for event planners on the web has grown exponentially. The drawback is it can be hard to find knowledgable, trusted experts with practical advice.

Planet Planit is a go-to resource that cuts through the clutter to do just that.

Shawna McKinley


Event IQ includes posts on:

Content – Ideas and techniques for approaches to making content stand out at your event.

Organising Events – The nuts and bolts of organising an event

Marketing – Marketing, social media & other techniques to bring people to your event

Event Bulletins – Announcements of events and initiatives from selected organisations

Books – Reviews of books, e books and guides

Event IQ is for Communities and Learning Groups

Maybe you are a community team member, or a volunteer of an association who has been given responsibility for running your first event.

You could be someone that has decided to organise an action learning group. Or you could be part of a learning group.

Whichever scenario, it could be that running events is not your primary function. If so, you are in the right place. Event IQ can help take some of the pressure from you by providing you with knowledge on how to organise your event. And even if you are experienced at running events we believe that you will find useful information to help make your event more successful.

Writers & Contributors from across the Globe

Within Event IQ you will find that posts are provided by a mix of contributors from across the globe. Some posts are operational, some are strategic and some are commentary on events and business in general. Our contributors have one thing in one common: they have a deep understanding of their field of expertise and have willingly agreed to share their knowledge to help you.