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Fiction on a Mission

Imagine this: you’re sitting reading a thrilling novel, with your favourite drink on the table beside you. After a moment, a smile spreads across your face and you pause to chuckle quietly, the protagonist of the story has just had Pirelli tyres fitted to his sports car. A precipitous car chase ensued and the protagonist survived because of his car’s exceptional ability to turn at a hairpin bend. You chuckled because your sister works on Pirelli’s marketing team.  

Planet Planit’s Business Stories use the power of creative fiction to tell gripping tales that readers can’t put down. Within these stories, we subtly embed your product or service information without affecting the quality of the story.

Whatever genre of story you prefer, whether it is a spy story, whodunnit, science fiction, historical drama or virtually anything else, our masters of narrative will write a unique tale just for you which will feature your product or brand.

Creative storytelling designed for business

The power of storytelling is just as relevant today as it was for the earliest humans.

Sitting around a camp fire, recalling their exploits about fighting off vicious animals gripped people then, and whilst few people now have to fight for their supper, there is an endless number of stories waiting to be told every day.

Ask any group of students what they want to hear in a lecture and they will ask for stories. What works but also what went wrong?  They want to know and they want the gory detail. Academic theory goes so far but stories add a whole new dimension of understanding.

We can bring any business product or service to life with our Business Stories.

It was great to work with Paul Cook when asked to write what would have been a dry book on auditing. His suggestion of using a storytelling approach gave it interest, structure and made it very readable. The book was launched in Dallas, Texas at a major conference and won its place in the Institutes bookstore with younger auditors particularly drawn to its approach. Paul was easy to work with, full of ideas and creativity and helped ensure we did not miss the editorial deadlines.
Sue Jex

Director, Business Risk Services, Grant Thornton

Not just another case study

If you are fed up with your marketing content consisting of yet another business case study, talk to us about Business Stories. Imagine the surprise your future clients will express when instead of another set of dry statistics and facts, you send them an ebook with a thrilling science fiction story. When they spot your product professionally woven into the storyline you will be hard to forget.  

Business stories are particularly useful for helping people understand the benefits of complicated services that can be hard to explain.

Talking to your buyers

Business Stories are an excellent way of communicating with your buyers and prospective buyers. If you want to get a message across in a more creative way, then stories work. You can use a story for a single campaign or a series of campaigns. We can invent characters and develop plots that will have your buyers intrigued and wanting to find out more about your products and services.

Time for your Business Story

Business stories can be put to many uses. They can really help your organisation stand out. When your competitors are producing dull information sheets or guides, you could use characters in stories to get your message across.

We work through your specific requirements, create a storyboard and then start filling in the blanks. Our work is co-created with our clients to ensure that the tone and style fits precisely with what is needed. After all, there is no point in creating a story if it doesn’t align with your content marketing strategy.

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