Twitter chats are a great way if engaging an audience and building your reputation, particularly if you become known as a source of great advice.

Here are a few tips about how you can establish yourself as a Twitter chat organiser.

1. Claim your Topic

Decide what subject you want to discuss, which is preferably something to do with your business. Create the hashtag (hint: just make one up).

Let people know that you are hosting a chat, and when it will occur. Talk about it on your favourite social media channels, not forgetting to mention the time and time zone.

2. Get Help

It’s a good idea to bring in other experts, at least in the early days. For one thing, they will make the twitter chat look busier, and for another, it will provide chatters with more helpful responses.

Make sure that you all use the hashtag when you tweet, and encourage all participants to do so too. Ensure that you are online five minutes before the advertised start time, and just go with it.

3. Keep Records

Tweets disappear after a couple of weeks. so record your chats in a form that can be studied and searched later.

4. Repeat at Regular Intervals

A weekly chat is fine. You may wish to schedule chats for different time zones.

Whatever you decide, make it regular.

You will get to know participants, and begin to connect outside the chats. That’s when the magic starts to happen.

Information kindly provided for Planet Planit by Alan Stevens and originally appeared in “The Media Coach”, his Free Weekly eEzine


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