Everyone loves to be recognised for their achievements, which is why industry awards are popular across many sectors.

Kursha Woodgate provides her thoughts on how to be successful with an award entry.

Start With The Evidence – Can You Back It Up?

Many awards offer the opportunity of submitting supporting evidence or additional information of some sort. Take a good look at what you have to back up your claims and ensure that any statistical analysis is carried out before you decide whether or not you might have a worthy entry.

There is little point starting the awards process if, further down the line, you discover that your campaign didn’t actually achieve such an outstanding result.

Look at the numbers, they really do matter.

Be Clear On Your Objectives

If your award relates to a campaign of some sort, the judges will often look at how clear your objectives were from the outset.

Without a clear goal, how can you truly measure whether or not you have achieved or exceeded it?

ROI Is Crucial

Can you truly demonstrate a return for any outlay? For many awards, this is crucial, often the deciding factor.

You need to develop specific measurement criteria, financial where possible, that prove you achieved something special.

Check the Ts and Cs – Where Are Most Points Given?

Some awards will give specific points allocated to certain sections which gives you a clear indication of which sections carry most weight (a bit like an exam marking scheme).

If this is not available, read through the entry requirements in detail and take some time to look at previous winning entries for some tips on what might give you the edge.

Proof-Read Your Entry – Quality Control Matters!

It is always helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes cast over any copy so make sure you ask at least one other person to proof read your entry before your final submission.

Also, don’t forget to make sure you have actually completed all the sections!

Meet The Deadlines

Awards are usually announced with a fair bit of notice so make a note in your diary of the deadlines as soon as you know them. Put a reminder in one month before and start working on your supporting evidence even earlier.

Last minute filing is very common, but you can avoid the panic stations with a little forward thinking.

Good luck!

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