At a recent event, I was reminded how far we have NOT come when it comes to mobile marketing. The event was on social media and QR codes were everywhere.

But I still had to show a couple of people how to use their smartphone for scanning a QR code. They were trying to scan it with their mobile phone’s camera!!

You may be using your smartphone for everything but making dinner (and maybe that, too!), but we have to remember that we are still in an evolutionary phase with mobile phones.

So here are some best practices for mobile marketing and engagement at events and trade shows:

Early and Often

Don’t wait until your guests or attendees are arriving on the scene to start telling them about your onsite mobile features.

And don’t forget to include your event’s official hashtag for use on the social networks.

Tell Them What to Do

If you post a QR code, tell them that they’ll need a scanning app on their smartphone to use it. That sounds so basic for most of us, but not everyone is there yet.

You might even want to have a little looped video presentation playing in your registration area showing them what to do with the QR codes they’ll see posted throughout your event or expo.

And as suggested in the previous point, start informing them of available mobile engagement tools throughout your pre-event communications.

Tell Them Why

I have seen people not scanning QR codes because they felt unsure of what would happen if they did.

Make sure you inform them of the value they’ll receive (free information, guides, ability to connect with help center, etc.) for scanning, downloading or opting in.

Tell Them What Will and Will Not Happen

Though younger generations seem less skittish, assure your participants how you will be using any information they share.

For example, if you are going to add them to a mobile text message marketing list if they opt in, tell them you will along with what you’ll be sending and how often you’ll be doing so.

Also inform them that text and data messaging rates will apply for texts they send and receive as part of your event.

Don’t Rely Solely on Social Media and Offer Alternatives

If your only mobile engagement tools for attendees are the social media sites, you could be missing out on opportunities to connect.

I’ve seen attendees at events become frustrated (or even feel bad) because they are not active on social media and can’t participate fully.

I’ve even seen some of them just completely withdraw from activities. Consider offering mobile games and surveys that only require attendees to use texting, QR code scanning or other standard mobile phone features to join in.

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