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The Choreographed Communications blog is focused on content. Specifically, content at conferences and exhibitions. Content is key in helping organisations connect with their buyers.

Content at events has to be working in alignment with the overall content marketing strategy. Hence, content needs to be choreographed. Choreographed Communications helps organisations increase their ROI. This blog offers content insights and delves deep into the world of event content.

The amount of content for event planners on the web has grown exponentially. The drawback is it can be hard to find knowledgable, trusted experts with practical advice.

Planet Planit is a go-to resource that cuts through the clutter to do just that.

Shawna McKinley


Event Camp Middle East 2012 [Video]

Event Camp Middle East (ECME12) was held in Dubai, Bahrain and online to a Worldwide audience in September 2012. This is a highlights video filmed by KSDi of the in-room participants and sponsors.   Looking for Great Content? Planet Planit writes dynamic content...